Custom panel fields based on variable

Hello people,

I’m new to Grafana and been working on a task. I need to change or override panel x-axis naming based on variable selected. Right now if I change alias it changes across all variables and I would want to set custom naming based on variable selected. Tried override option but it pretty much do the same as changing aliases in panel settings. Would appreciate any solutio or a hint to resolve this.


Hi @mantasm1996,

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You can use override to do this (not sure if this worked correctly for you or not). I attached a screencast (open it in a new window as will be easier to zoom in and view more clearly)


Let us know if this helps.

Hey usmanahmad,
thanks for the friendly reply. I use the rename-function already in other dashboards.

I guess the name has to be taken by a query:
In the influxDB I get folder 1-5 where the best offerer is always placed in folder 1 with fields like name, price, logo and so on.

So I don´t only have to depict the price-lines of the five distributors, but also the query that shows, which distributor name belongs to which timeline.

Hope this discribes my problem better.


I have moved this post to the influxDB category as it seems more fitting.

Hopefully, a community member can help you to achieve this on the query level.