Add fields from influxdb query to Panel Label text

I wanted to modify my panel label based on the influx query which is formatted as “Table”
I tried using var_a aliased field from my query to get added into my panel label using ${var_a}, $var_a $tag_var_a but nothing is working.

Is it possible to use these fields in panel labeling if yes, how can I do this?


Hi, any suggestion on how to solve this or is it that currently grafana does not support this feature?

I’m looking for a similar solution. I want to change the Title of a panel based on values returned by an InfluxDB Flux query that’s run in a panel.

I’m currently trying to use a query variable with a Dashboard datasource. However, I don’t understand how to write a query against a Dashboard datasource, and I can’t find any documentation on it. Then, I could just use the variable in my Panel title.

Another thing I wanted to do at one point was to place my date range from the date range selector in the panel title, but v.timeRangeStart and v.timeRangeStop are in epoch and I can’t figure out how to format them in the panel title. I’m thinking some kind of variable hack will work here, but I haven’t messed with it yet. Really wish we could use expressions in panel titles/labels/whatever.

Anyone have any ideas or can point me to documentation? Thanks in advance.