Modify dashboard variables through a panel query?


I’m using Grafana for displaying point-in-time test data. That’s why I use the TimePicker Button Panel plugin to select the time range of a test.
I’m using an Influxdb database and I’m querying in the panels in Flux language.

However, I’d like to modify a dashboard variable ($test_number) from a Flux query.

I know that it is possible to use a variable in queries using ${test_number}, but I haven’t found a way of modifying it from a query ?

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No one ? Is that just not possible ?

I’d like to bring this subject up.

Hi @florent6

It sounds like you want to modify the query used in the Variables settings via another Flux query? For example, in my test data, to display the different Regions (which is a tag in Flux), I have this:

which gives me this:

AFAIK, there is a not a way to modify the query in the Variables settings via a Flux query.