Imported node_exporter dashboard doesn't show data, manual query does (Prometheus source)

I’m a complete newb. I believe I’ve installed Prometheus and Grafana correctly (services are running and are reachable, Prometheus data source as been added—though I’ve had plenty of issues with that …).

I can manually create a simple dashboard panel with a PromQL query but if I import any preconfigured dashboards (using that source) no data is available.

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I am using the current version of Ubuntu 22.04. Grafana 9.3.6

I’ve imported many node-exporter dashboards. The problem seems consistent.

I’m not seeing any log errors but I could be doing it wrong LOL. I am using the log viewer.

I used a couple places for instructions. Main one here:

I used the official install guide for Grafana:

Hi @dean3e46,
Can you please share with us picture of one query from imported dashboard? I suspect that all those queries are mapped to data source which name differs from name of you data source.

For example I named my Prometheus data source “Prometheus123” and if queries in imported dashboard are mapped to different name (e.g. Prometheus) then queries won’t work:

Also please check if with imported dashboard you also got dashboard variable which define datasource (if that’s true then in query you would see something like ${variablename}:

Dashboard settings (cog icon in upper right corner) -> Variables

Maybe there is filter applied under “Instance name filter” field.

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Many of the imports do ask for a datasource when importing (I’m thinking older ones didn’t?). There was only one imported dashboard where one of the variables was ‘datasource’ and is was set to the only source I had, Prometheus, and there were no filters applied.

Here’s a screenshot of a dashboard that was imported where everything is empty but I can add a panel with a simple query (node_memory_MemAvailable/1024/1024) which does display data