Dashboard Import Breaks Queries

Running grafana enterprise 9.4.7. Default data source is prometheus 2.43.

I have two instances of grafana/prometheus. One is hosted and one is local.

I want to backup the hosted instance to my local instance.

On the hosted instance I export the dashboard json and download to my local machine.

On the local instance I import the dashboard json and it loads, shows the panels, time settings, etc but no data.

Looking inside each panel I see the query title is there but no query code. When I click the arrow to expand the query to see it’s config it does not expand. Looks like the query code is missing, empty.

Within the panel I change the data source to not prometheus and change it back to prometheus. Now the query code is there and clicking run query shows the data.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I am doing this as a way to manually backup my dashboards. Once I understand how the process works and can do it manually I will automate this.

hi @tjw74

could you please copy and paste all relevant data using the panel → more → get help workflow in the panel’s dropdown menu? This will help up mock up your data and reproduce your issue. It is important to our teams that issues get verified as reproducible before we formally mark them as bugs. Thank you!

here are more details and steps for copying your data over to this issue:

alt text