Problem with dashboard

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with Grafana. Let me explain.
I have configured a MongoDB Exporter to Prometheus thanks to a tutorial. It is works. But when I decide to manage a dashboard on Grafana with JSON’s import, it is write “No data”.

What is the problem ?


  1. Please show us where the tutorial is.

  2. Please show us an example of the JSON you are importing.

  3. Please explain in detail how you are importing it.

In short, give us enough information to replicate your situation if needed,
then we might be able to understand what the problem is.


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Sure !

This is the tutorial’s link :

For the example of the JSON :

For the import, I clicked to the “+” tab and I went to “Import” then to “Upload JSON file”.



I can’t see which version of Grafana the JSON dashboard has been created for.
Are you using the same (or at least a very close) version?


Hmm, Where can I find version of the creator ? Mine is 7.3.6


The only obvious date I can see in the tutorial you followed is June 2019, at
which time the current Grafana version would have been 6.2.5

Can you try installing that (perhaps in a VM etc) to see whether the JSON
import works?

If it does, I think your best bet is to go back to the author of the JSON
dashboard on github and see if they’ve updated it for current Grafana


Hm, I upgrade Grafana to the last version. Actually, I have connected MongoDB with Prometheus, however when I try to launch a request in linux command line, I receive a succes but the return is empty. It is like if Prometheus is empty. So maybe the problem come from here.

I’m pretty sure the problem is a bad configuration of the data source.