Importing dashboard JSON results in empty dashboard?

I created a dashboard for energy monitoring and shared the json through this gitlab repo. I created the dashboard using Grafana v5.4.3, commit 6539180.

One person tried to import it into his Grafana instance and got a blank page, no gauges and graphs. His grafana version is 4.1.1-1484211277.

I cannot figure out why the import does not work for him. I guess it is plausible the difference in versions has something to do with it, but I wonder if there is something I need to take care of when exporting the JSON? (I used the option “Export for sharing externally”).

Anyone know what I can do to increase the chances of succes for people trying to import my dashboard? (It did work on a friends machine running the same grafana version as I have).

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Any chance you found a solution?
I have the same problem

I had the same problem but I found out that I forgot to install the required plugin panel of the dashboard. Therefore, make sure you install all the required plugins.


Odd question, but how to get the list of needed plugins for a dashboard? I mean, is there any option to not have to browse manually the JSON file?