Json import of dashboard - not all settings

sometime I share from Grafana 9.3.2 a complete dashboard via json export.

Multiple times I get informed by the other persons that it works but some setting are not taken with, e.g. overrides do not come with into the dashboard and needed to set manually.
Why is it like that.
I get via import no error or warning message so everything seems to be good but it isn’t.

Do I make something wrong via the export ?

Does the person you are sharing the json with have same version of grafana on same OS?

Also, what is the reason youbhave this process of sharing dahsboards via json?

Yes same version and OS (Debian 11) is running.

Share the dashboard does not mean I want to share mine at him. No he has its own database and setup and wants to import it with his values but then some configurations are missing.

Gotcha. But why do you share dahsboards? It is unusual. Just curious. Why cant you work on one shared grafaba server?

No that are 2 different sites !!! I am in Germany and the other one is at his home inside in own house. We don’t share same datapoints of course. He has its own setup. He wants to have my dashboard because it looks nice so I sent it to him

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Could be you have the same version but one is OSS and the other is Enterprise.

No it isn’t.
Next point → now he sent me a dashboard and I loaded it and it was fully WITHOUT any value.
I need manually ONE TIME click on the database value und then immediately the value appears !
Seems to be a bug here or ?

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what happens if you import it, dont do anything manuall such as click database value. Go to another dashboard and reopen that dashboard you imported?