How to start in kiosk mode via URL (non-interactively)?

I’m loving the improvements ‘kiosk mode’ and ‘tv mode’ in v5.3.0! I’d like to use the kiosk mode on our dashboard screens in the office, which we don’t have interactive access to.

If I try manually appending &kiosk=1 to the normal URL, it doesn’t work.

As I say, we don’t have keyboard or mouse plugged in to our dashboard system - it works with a layout of configured URLs - so I can’t click the ‘Cycle view mode’ button to change; I need to get to kiosk mode via URL alone. Is that possible?

I don’t know if you’re setting any other parameter to your URL, but if you aren’t, you have to set ?kiosk after the URL ( notice that there’s no need for the =1 ).

Quick tip: The first parameter you set in a URL should be preceded by ?, the next ones should be preceded by an &.

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