How much exactly is a metric ton?

Is there more information on billing? We are considering using the hosted solution but the “Metric Ton” description doesn’t mean a lot in a concrete way.

What counts as a datapoint in the context 18000 datapoints per minute? If you go over once, do you get charged for MetricTon. etc.

One metric ton (or sometimes tonne) is 1000 kilograms, or 2205 pounds.

The other sort of ton (imperial) is 2240 pounds (1016 kilograms). may help further.


Not exactly useful. I was referring to the MetricTon that Grafana uses to measure and apply pricing to their cloud offering. image

I’m not sure exactly how to quantify this and estimate expenses for our use case.

Does ~20+ servers refer to Grafana cloud’s servers? Does it refer to how many instances I have piping in metrics?

The point I’m trying to get across is that the pricing is ambiguous and I don’t want to commit to using this hosted solution without being able to estimate the costs with some amount of accuracy.

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Does 1 unique series mean 1 time series in Prometheus or is it 1 metric name? Isn’t only 150 series per server very less to monitor it effectively?