Billing on grafana cloud for test environments that get shutdown at weekend and overnight


I’m considering moving to Grafana Cloud. The billing seems quite self-intuitive for normal environments - e.g. the 95th percentile eradicates small spikes, etc.

We run the UAT environment around 35% of the time (e.g. daytime on business days). So I’m assuming given the billing period is monthly, these series would count towards the wider bill, as if they are run continuously? (e.g. our UAT environment runs for approximately 252 hours per month.)

So to take an example, if our environments generally generate 100,000 metric series,
• Production will be static, and generate a constant 100,000 series
• UAT won’t be –
o it will generate 100,000 series from 6am to 6pm.
o It will then generate no data points from 6pm-6am
o It will then generate no data points on Satudays and Sundays

Will the invoice therefore reflect 200,000 series?

Seems a bit weird and not quite sure if i’ve totally understood that correctly… I guess it comes down to how often ‘active series’ and ‘data points per minute’ are evaluated.

I think you will have 200k active series. Also you need to consider DPM - let’s say you are collecting every 30 sec => DPM: 2 => so you will have 400k billable metrics

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