Wrong calculation of included series / usage on Grafana Cloud


we are using Grafana Cloud to ingest Prometheus data using the Grafana Agent.
Since a few weeks our Series usage exploded:

We did not change our infrastructure/add new services that push data to Grafana Cloud.
I tried disabling all sending services to Grafana. The Active series went to zero while the “Included Series…” are sill at their all time high. The test is marked with a red arrow in the screenshot.

Can someone help me to identify why Grafana is calculating the “Included Series…” wrong?


Hi @Klaus - apologies for the confusion. On Nov 1, we introduced a new pricing model for Grafana Cloud Pro which caused some confusion in the way active series data is displayed on the billing/usage dashboard on Grafana Cloud Free accounts. There’s no impact to your account - we will be rolling out a few updates to the Free Billing/Usage dashboard shortly to clarify.

Some context on what you’re seeing: As part of this new pricing option, we significantly reduced the active series cost on Pro to $8 per 1,000 active series sent at 1 data point per minute (1 DPM or a 60 second scrape interval). In the past, we calculated billing at $16 per 1,000 active series for up to 6 DPM. As a result, we are effectively showing your usage as Active Series x DPM to better reflect how we would calculate pricing on the Pro plan (this is why it looks like your usage spiked).

Lastly, ‘95th Percentile Usage’ has remained high after reducing your metrics: when calculating usage, we offer ‘burst protection’ by forgiving the highest 5% of usage each month, meaning we forgive the highest 36 hours of usage in a 30 day month. Therefore, your ‘95th Percentile Usage’ will continue to calculate that for the rest of month (due to the length of time) and then reset next month.

As I mentioned above, we’ll release an update shortly to greatly reduce the confusion. You should be all set to carry on :slight_smile: If you have any other questions, please open a ticket with support and we’ll dive deeper into this!

Hi @daviddorman,
thanks a lot for your answer.

I think that clarifies it for the moment :slight_smile: . I’ll have a look on how the new pricing model reflects on our current infrastructure.

Thanks again