How do I calculate how many metrics I need on Grafana Cloud?

I am running a self-hosted instance of Grafana. I am looking at the Grafana Cloud offering. I see that 10k metrics are included in the “Free” plan and the “Pro” starts with that many. How would I go about calculating how many I am currently using on my self-hosted system so that I know how much I would need from Grafana Cloud?

Hi @obiwan,

The best way to test this out is to start shipping your metrics to Grafana Cloud using the free 14-day Pro trial (there’s no credit card required to start a trial). The Pro trial is designed with ready-to-go Grafana Cloud Integrations to make that metric shipping connection easy, and a Billing and Usage Dashboard on every instance that tells you exactly how much you’re sending and estimated costs.

Alternatively, if you’re already running a local Prometheus, the metric prometheus_tsdb_head_series gives a rough estimate of how many active series you’re generating but is not as accurate in calculating costs (see: Active series and DPM | Grafana Cloud documentation). If that is relevant to your current setup you can also check out the queries here: Planning Grafana Mimir capacity | Grafana Mimir documentation

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@ximenaaliaguilla, thank you for this information.

I checked my prometheus_tsdb_head_series metric which currently shows a value of 211177.

Using the calculation on the “Active series and DPM” page that you referenced:

50,000 active series * (2 DPM / 1 DPM Included) * ($8 / 1000 active series) = $800 / month

It looks like the calculation for my usage would be:

211177 * (2/1) * (8/1000) = $3,378.832

Assuming that is accurate, it looks like I would need to choose the “Advanced” (or “Enterprise”) pricing plan.

Assuming that you do need 2 DPM (data scraped every 30 seconds) then indeed this is an accurate reflection of monthly metrics costs based on that number of 211,117 active series, on the Grafana Cloud Pro plan.

On the Grafana Cloud Advanced plan, a contracted annual commitment, you can discuss volume discounted rates based on your ingestion so I would recommend this route. You can reach our Sales team through the contact request form here: Contact Us | Grafana Labs – choose “Grafana Cloud” from the dropdown.

Note: If you only needed 1 DPM (data scraped every 60 seconds) the monthly cost would be exactly half (1 DPM / 1 DPM Included).