Moving from self-hosted to Grafana Pro: How Can I Check My Current Resource Usage?

Hello Grafana Community,

I’m currently running a self-hosted Grafana instance and have been considering a switch to Grafana Pro. Before I make a decision, I’d like to understand the current resources being utilized by my self-hosted setup. This way, I can accurately calculate the costs using the Grafana Pro price calculator available on the website.

Is there an easy or straightforward way to determine the resources (Metrics[DPM], Logs in GB, Traces in GB, Profiles in GB, Active Grafan Users, etc.) currently in use by my Grafana instance?

If anyone has insights, tools, or techniques that can aid me in this quest, it would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. Looking forward to the community’s insights.

Best regards,

Hi @pkrechenwerk - great question, it can be definitely be difficult to determine ahead of time.

For any data that is being sent to your hosted metrics, logs, and/or traces instances included in Grafana Cloud, our billing is based on ingestion. Specific details are listed below for each type of product usage:

  • Metrics usage is based on the number of active series that are received and how frequently they are received. We recommend sending metrics at a 60 second interval by default.
  • Log usage is billed based on the bytes received per log label. We recommend using static labels as much as possible to reduce cardinality and cost. Log queries are billed based on a fair usage policy determined by ingestion.
  • Trace usage is billed based on the bytes received per span. We recommend using consistent, nested namespaces as much as possible for sharing common attributes.
  • Profile usage is billed based on the bytes received for the application/service profiling jobs.
  • Synthetic Monitoring generates metrics and logs and will display an estimate for each check during setup.

For other products and user costs:

  • k6 usage is based on the number of Virtual User hours used for performance tests.
  • Grafana User costs are billed based on how many users have logged in to a hosted Grafana instance for your account that month. The same user logging into multiple stacks are de-duplicated.
  • IRM User costs are billed based on users included in an OnCall rotation or escalation chain or managing an Incident.
  • Enterprise plugins are an optional add-on. If adding an Enterprise plugin to your account, usage is billed at $25 per user per month in addition to Grafana User costs.

When you create a new Grafana Cloud account, you will begin with a 14-day unlimited usage trial. This allows you to send metrics, logs, and traces to Grafana Cloud, generate profiles, or perform k6 load tests to establish a baseline for expected costs.

Folks will often send a subset of their data that is representative of their larger workloads to get a quick estimate. We also have tools such as the Grafana Agent Integrations & Kubernetes Monitoring Solution should help provide a quick way to connect your data using mixins and rules to forward an optimized level of data ingestion. These tools also create pre-built dashboards and alert rules so you can see results quickly without spending a lot of time building dashboards. You can also import dashboards from your self-hosted environment as well.

I hope this helps!