Grafana detailed usage stats per user and dashboards

First of all i’d like to thank you guys for the great product, been using it for months and you can’t imagine the amazing feedback we are getting about it across various departments in our company.

As we have this great product i’d like to get more information about usage and statistics about Grafana itself, i went through the metrics that Grafana sends to graphite and i didn’t find a good documentation describing these metrics plus there is a lot more that we’d like to get out of Grafana in addition to the information in the grafana.log file such as :

  1. Monitoring concurrent/ sessions by the users and the ability to see if a user is having Grafana opened on multiple tabs, browsers …
  2. anyway we can monitor which browsers are being used by the users?
  3. Monitor specific dashboards load time, access hits by users, …
  4. Monitor the users logins

the way i am thinking of implementing this is by scraping through grafana.log file and get the data from there but i don’t see a lot of information there for the stuff we want to keep an eye on

Appreciate the help. Please let me know of any questions
Thank you


Glad to hear :+1:

Please refer to internal metrics documentation. We also support Prometheus scraping of metrics as you can see in the configuration documentation. If you browse your Grafana root url and add /metrics to it you should get a list of all the metrics with descriptions that are available to scrape with Prometheus. There should be similar metrics for Graphite, but they could be named differently.

Not supported. In general tricky to do.

You could configure a Google Analytics account to track Grafana usage, refer to this configuration documentation.

Maybe open tracing using jaeger can help you, please refer to issue.

Should be possibly. You may need to enable debug in log configuration.


Hello, I was also wondering if I can do something like this.

How can I monitor the user logins?
For example: Can I (as administrator) get a notification when a specific user logged in?
Or can I see when and how many times a user logged in?

Can you set this up with jaeger or Prometheus? Or are there internal metrics for such kind of functionality?
What’s best way to set this up?