Grafana Dashboard on Grafana

Does anyone know if there is a high-level summary on Grafana itself, in the form of a dashboard, that shows info such as:

  • how many dashboards were creatd
  • how many users

like a management dashboard for Grafana itself

HI @reuvygroovy,

What are you deploying grafana to? Self-hosted or cloud? OSS or enterpirse?
And what database is your Grafana backend using? The sqlite default? MySQL?

Self-hosted, and SQL lite. out-of-the box installation.

Hi @reuvygroovy,

this is a great question. I would check out this popular dashboard. Just imported it to my self-hosted 7.4.5 instance and it worked great:


and here is the Grafana Internal Metrics Dashboard published by the Grafana Labs team:

The first one looks nice, but it needs Prometheous, and not sure where the source data is coming from. Would it just be easier/smarter to migrate the DB to use MySQL? Is there a migration manual?

/hi @reuvygroovy,

I would check out our documentation on Grafana’s internal metrics. The behavior is bundled with Grafana, and you can use Graphite or Prometheus to collect and display them. There is also a preconfigured dashboard