What is a metric?


I am a new Grafana user and I was wondering what a metric exactly is ?
What do they mean by 10k metrics? Is that 10k different type of metric (temperature, light…) or 10k of any metrics (10k temperature data) ?


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Thanks for these articles.
My question was more about was is considered as a metric ?
Here is my data :

Are each value considered as a metric or each category (time, light, temperature…) considered a metric ?

from what @sowdenraymond posted it says

“Metrics tell you how much of something exists, such as how much memory a computer system has available or how many centimeters long a desktop is”

Monday 36 F Seattle, WA

Fridge, electric usage, 33 W


Hi @hogeschoolrgthi - just wanted to add a few more details here. Usually there is a metric name for something you want to monitor, as @yosiasz mentioned. With traditional infrastructure monitoring and observability, the metric name might be something like CPU, memory, or network usage. The metric name (CPU), the time it was measured (2023-10-31 17:30:00 UTC), and the value of the measurement (1), create a metric sample. Metric samples over time will create the metric series.

Another example of something you could monitor might be the room temperature of your office. The metric name could be “office-temp” and your device checks once per minute to measure the room temperature. If you also wanted to measure the humidity of your office, you could either create a separate metric name for the unique humidity measurements or perhaps change the metric name “office-temp” to “office-air” or some other name that would tell you or someone reading your dashboards that these are measurements of the temperature and humidity of the office. The more distinct metric label names that are associated with the metric name increases the number of unique metric series (metric label cardinality) that are can be created. With Prometheus-style metrics, it is recommended to keep the cardinality low.

Looking at the data in your table, I’m not certain what is being measured but looks like a light value, a temperature & pressure relationship maybe, a temperature, and humidity? What name could you give to the larger metric (feature being monitored) that would cover all of these metric label names? If you’d like to share more details, how are these measurements currently being made?

Also, note that the “included” metric series are only applicable for metrics that you are sending to Grafana Cloud for storage in your managed metrics instance. If you are storing these measurements in something like MySQL or InfluxDB and would like to query and visualize the data where it is stored, the included metric series do not apply.