Metrics and data retention

I am a new Grafana user and was searching the best subsciption for me.
When I go to the manage subscription option, I see that the free account provide metrics and trace retention of 14 days, does that mean after that delay my data are lost and I can’t see them on dashboard anymore? Same for the premium account (13 months and 30 days).
What does “retention” mean ? If I understand well, Grafana is just for data visualization, my data are stored in a other database. So how could they lost the data ?

When you use Grafana cloud, it’s a suite of products, metrics as service, logs as service etc.

Hence, retention matters and differs for each tier.

For example, when we say metrics, you are sending metrics to Grafana cloud and that is being visualized in grafana cloud’s grafana product.

In this case, data source Or lets call it database is from grafana cloud itself.

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Thanks for these informations. Does it mean if my data are stored in Grafana cloud I will lost them by 14 days ?
In this case I assume that if the data are stored outside of Grafana (Like Prometheus) I can visualize as I want ?
(I have sensors recording data for very long period)

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Yes, that’s correct. But only if you use Prometheus of yours, Prometheus of Grafana cloud will have same 14 days retention.

It’s a SaaS Product. If you have Prometheus of your own, you can query as long as per your own retention.

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Hi @hogeschoolrgthi - just wanted to confirm as @tanmaybhat24 mentioned retention limits is only applicable for data that is forwarded to Grafana Cloud for storage. This might be metrics sent by the Grafana Agent or traces sent by the OTel Collector. If your data is stored in a data source that you manage and you connect that data source to Grafana Cloud, retention limits do not apply and you can query as far back as the data exists in your data source.