Grafana prompts me to save every time I change between dashboards

Every time I change between dashboards Grafana asks me whether I want to save, even after making no changes whatever, not even a time range. It’s getting really frustrating.

The version change comparison just says:

  "iteration": 1653549498246,
  "iteration": 1653549753562,

Or sometimes even something more trivial like version 8 → version 9

How can I stop this behaviour?

I guess you upgraded your Grafana recently. Am I right? Now Grafana is just trying yo update dashboard models.

Just to understand this issue better, if one answers “Yes” when prompted (even though no changes were made), then the prompt will go away? AFAIK, this did not happen with previous upgrades of Grafana.

This is the first time I’ve used Grafana, I installed the latest version and I’m using the cloud version.

I’m not certain, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that my dashboards have statistics on them, and every time the dashboard loads it calculates the statistic (and perhaps saves it)

If I answer either Yes or Discard the prompt disappears, and answering Yes doesn’t seem to lead to any actual changes.

I’ve never used a previous version of Grafana, this is a clean installation using the latest cloud version


I have the same issue here, running the OSS version of Grafana v8.5.5 (d32ae18909). I believe it may happen only when I load a “long” dashboard and scroll it, then when I navigate away from it I’m prompted to save it.

If I do, the json diff of the 2 versions is pretty short:

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Yep, sounds like the exact same problem as me. My version diff looks exactly like that

I didn’t noticed the release earlier, but it seems fixed with v8.5.6 :pray: thank you!

Any updates on this being fixed in 9.x? I’m currently running 9.0.3 and still having this. Quite frustrating.

Any updates on this issue? I’m running Grafana v9.0.7 (eed942a502) with Geomap 5.0.0. I have narrowed the problem down to the Geomap panel. If I delete the panel, the dashboard works fine. If I include a Geomap, it constantly asks to save changes. If I click “save changes”, it says there are no changes to save.

EDIT: Not a fix, but a workaround is to set the dashboard to “read-only”.