Dashboard keeps asking to save changes after changing time range

Sometimes, when moving from one dashboard to another, after only changing the time range, Grafana will ask if I want to save changes.

Version: 6.3.5

Yep, it’s still doing it…

…in fact, it’s getting worse now.

It keeps asking to save changes when I am simply changing Dashboards!

Anyone any ideas please?

Probably you have upgraded Grafana and dashboard models are upgraded in the browser. Just save dashboard and you should be fine. You will see what has been updated in dashboard version comparison.

@jangaraj Typical answer from Grafana employee/hard-baked fan…

This is not what @plittlefield experiences… and this happens to me also. Its highly irritating.

I’m so sorry @dev11 that you are irritated, but I can’t help you. Apparently you said “thats enough for me” and you are still here. I’m happy to mark you as ignored user, because you are captious person from my point of view.

I have had long battle in my head wether to write here or not. I know, you will not read it as you have placed me on ignore list, but I strongly feel that writing this is good, because it can warn other potential victims of Grafana and its team.
No, Im not saying people are stupid; just the opposite. Thats because of people wisdom that Grafana has the reputation it has.

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All this had happened to me here from teams’ hands. Some time ago, @torkel(project leader) also reacted furiously (incl. calling me a troll (hey, seriously??), even including banning me? For what? I dared to criticise Grafana, and, at the same time, bite his oversized ego !!

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Dont worry, if this is going to happen, this is not going to be because of me (Im not an idiot)/I will stay away from all this.

Hi, going to ignore the rest of the thread and return to the OP.

I’m having the same “issue”, though I don’t know if it is intended or not.

I have a dashboard with links to another dashboard so that users can drill into more details and back again.

Dash1 is an overview and has a table with a list of servers
Dash2 is details of that server with a variable for other servers. That means from this dashboard the user can also select another server. This dashboard also has a link back to Dash1, simply called “Back”.


  1. User is on Dash1 and selects a server. Grafana takes the user to Dash2 for that server
  2. The user then browses to another server on Dash2 using the variable drop-down
  3. The user then wants to go back and clicks on the link to Dash1
  4. Grafana asks the user if they want to save any unsaved changes.

It’s that last part that is a bit irritating and breaks the dashboard navigation flow.

Is there a way to disable this?

@xbalayer that’s an interesting case. Maybe try the following in order to try and isolate the conditions for the issues:

  • If you simply load Dash2 directly (not navigating there from Dash1), and change the server and navigate to Dash1 via the link, do you get asked to save?
  • If after changing the server selection in Dash2 you navigate away to another dashboard (not via the specific link to Dash1), do you get asked to save?

Or does it only happen when you follow the specific sequence of steps (Dash1 > Dash2 > link to Dash1) that you described?

Also, I’ve had something like this happen before when using custom panel plugins that were clearly doing something odd. Do you use any custom plugins?

Hi @svetb, thanks for your reply.

Interestingly it only happens in the first scenario. On the second one I can navigate anywhere else and it does not ask to save.

So basically when:

  1. Loading Dash2 directly, changing the variable and navigating out: does not ask to save
  2. Loading Dash1, navigating to Dash2 via link in Dash1, changing the variable in Dash2 to another server and navigating out: asks to save.

At the moment the only custom panel I have is the World Map plugin Worldmap Panel plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Interesting - the times I’ve experienced the issue are when I’ve used that panel also. I strongly suspect it may be the culprit. It’s probably worth doing a check to see if the issue still occurs if you remove the panel and save. (obviously revert the changes later :slight_smile: )

If it does still happen in the absence of the panel, it sounds like a bug with Grafana - which should be filed on Github.

If it’s confirmed an issue with the panel then I guess that should be filed too - but that should be much easier to track down.


You are correct, it is that Panel that caused it. I removed it and the problem went away.

Accidentally solved it differently though 1 minute ago :slight_smile: . By setting the dashboard to “Read Only” instead of “Editable” the pop-ups when using the same navigation behaviours. It still allows the user to change the variables from the dropdown and navigate as necessary - but no more pop-up asking to save every time!

I’ll let the World Map Plugin know about this.