Unable to save Grafana dashboard via Save button or by editing JSON model

Grafana version: Grafana v10.2.0 (ae830f6)

OS: MacOS 12.7.3 (21H1015)

Browser: Chrome 122.0.6261.94

If I make some changes to the dashboard (to a graph legend) and try to save it the normal way via the save button, I get this error message:

If I try to edit the JSON model directly, I get these errors upon trying to save my changes:

The last version of this dashboard is over 2 years old, and no one else is editing it.

My coworker can reproduce the issue on a Linux system.

I also captured .HAR files of both attempts, but am not allowed to upload them, I guess for security reasons.

When trying to save manual changes via the save button and when trying to save the JSON model for the first time, I get a 412 error with the message {"message": "The dashboard has been changed by someone else", "status": "version-mismatch"}.

When I get the “Failed to save dashboard” message when trying to save the JSON model, this is because of a 500 error with the message {"message":"Failed to save dashboard","traceID":""}.