Grafana Flavors

Hello Grafana community; I hope all are well. I am contacting you today because I am confused about the different flavors of Grafana.

Firstly, is there any difference from setting-up Grafana directly from the Grafana website versus setting-up Grafana on a cloud platform, such as AWS Marketplace? Are they essentially the same?

Secondly, can a flavor of Grafana upgrade to another, instead of setting-up a new Grafana instance and transferring everything over. For example, if I am using Grafana Cloud on AWS, and after using it a while, I realize I need to upgrade to Grafana Enterprise on AWS, is that possible?

Lastly, just a quick question, which Grafana flavor lets you create and send PDF reports of dashboards? Grafana Cloud or Grafana Enterprise?

It’s worth mentioning that I am using the word “flavor” instead of “version” because I’m trying to focus on different setups as opposed to software releases per se. I also apologize for posting in the parent category, but this seems fundamental. Thank you.

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I would say “flavors” are:

  • OSS
  • Enterprise, which is OSS flavor with additional enterprise features. You need license, but without valid license it is more/less only OSS.
    It means that, there is no problem to go from OSS to Enterprise. Eventually, you can use Enterprise without license and then buy license later in the future

Then cloud providers (or SaaS providers) have own plans, based on these “flavors”, e.g. Grafana cloud, AWS AMG, …

See doc: Create and manage reports | Grafana documentation Grafana Enterprise and also Grafana cloud has support for reports.