Grafana service model comparison

Hello, I was doing a light research on Grafana solution and found that they serve ‘Grafana Cloud (free, pro, advanced)’ and ‘AWS Managed Grafana’. What are the differences between two service models? As far as I know, they are both managed services in terms of infrastructure like servers, but they differ in pricing and service region. What is the most important feature to distinguish them? Any comment would help me a lot to understand Grafana. Thank you!

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I believe that AWS Managed Grafana is usually a few months behind the current release of Grafana Cloud (which is always the latest and greatest).


Thanks for your comment @grant2!
I have few following questions.
If AWS Managed Grafana is behind the current release of Grafana Cloud, what’s the case to choose AWS Managed Grafana over Grafana Cloud? It’s even more expensive that Grafana Cloud, and I’m still not getting the regionality difference between two service models. If i’m wrong with the pricing and service region, please let me know. Thanks!

I cannot really comment on this, other than what I read from the FAQ and the Grafana Cloud pricing page. If you are already a customer of AWS, you may find it easier to just add this to your list of monthly services.


Just saw this: Grafana Cloud is now available in AWS Marketplace | Grafana Labs

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The main difference is a service provider.

AWS provides AWS Managed Grafana, so their Grafana is optimised for AWS services (IAM, Cognito, RDS, …). You will get support from AWS engineers in this case. Typical user of AWS Managed Grafana is heavy AWS user. You may have a problem to get a support for non AWS services.

Grafana Labs (vendor of Grafana) provides Grafana Cloud. So IMHO you will have more wider support directly from the vendor (of course not for free version).

Hi there,
I am exploring the different offers for Grafana within AWS and Grafana Cloud itself.

I found there is Grafana cloud in AWS Marketplace and AWS managed Grafana

Are these both different services right?

Yes, they are different.
First one is provided by Grafana Labs, so Grafana Labs will be responsible to provide support.
Second one is provided/managed by AWS, so AWS will be responsible to provide support.