Grafana Cloud vs DataDog - Multi Cloud And Application Monitoring

Has someone has the chance to work with both Grafana Cloud and DataDog for monitoring multi cloud environment (AWS,Azure,GCP) and Applications (Real User Monitoring, Synthetic), and can compare them, with pros and cons?

We are in middle of a POC process with DataDog, but i heard to many bad things about billing, so after searching for a alternative solution, i thought about Grafana Cloud.

Especially due to the offering of the Free account within Grafana Cloud, that i can use in my organization (please correct me if I’m worng about the last part).

Im also curious about if i do go with Grafana Cloud, will it ve wise or cost efficient to use Managed Grafana via Azure or AWS cloud providers? Or to host it ourselves on our On-Prem environment?


Thanks for posting.

Grafana Cloud does indeed have a free account, which has quite a bit included in addition to the Grafana instance itself.

  • 50GB Logs
  • 3 Grafana Monthly Active Users
  • 50GB Traces
  • 10k Metrics
  • 50GB Profiles
  • 500 k6 Virtual User Hours
  • 3 Incident Response Management Monthly Active Users
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • All Enterprise plugins

It is possible to tune your usage to take advantage of the limited account at no charge.
In the future, if you find you need more than the free account offers you can upgrade your account.

Grafana Cloud paid accounts are usage based, you pay for what you use for on top of the included thresholds.
There are no instance, compute time or license fees.

Take a look at our pricing page for more information about the free and paid accounts.