How to use Grafana cloud - free tier

I am interested to free plan of Grafana cloud so I can test and learn to work with it. On Grafana blog there is advertisement Free Forever plan of Grafana Cloud (10k series, 14-day retention, 50GB logs, 3 team member). I logged in and I cannot figure out how to start using Grafana cloud. I cannot create stack because I am using Cloud Free plan. So how can I play with it and use 10k series and 50GB of logs? After few YouTube videos everybody has some subscription so what is the point of free plan? Thank you.

Hi @dorinand,

When you sign up for Grafana Cloud account you’re given a free 14-day trial of Pro that includes a full Grafana Cloud stack, and then, if you don’t upgrade within those 14 days are downgraded to the (forever) Free tier but you get to keep the whole stack. If you visit and click Log In/My Account on the top right you’ll be taken to your Portal where you’ll see a blue “Launch” button that will open that stack for you. I recommend clicking on the Integrations and Connections (lightning bold icon) in the left menu to get started on connecting your data once in your Grafana.

The free stack works quite the same as the Pro tier as far as getting things up and running. The major difference is that you don’t get as many useful features as on Pro and are limited to the number of metrics series, logs, and traces you can host per month, as you mentioned. If you’re seeing something that doesn’t match this in your Portal please open a Support ticket from your Portal and we’ll take a look.


Hi @ximenaaliaguilla,

Thank you for your reply.

I contacted Grafana Labs support. I have been signed up a long time ago when this offer does not exists. That’s the reason I did not have default Grafana Cloud Stack in my account. After upgrade I can see the stack.