What happens when my usage exceed the Free plan limitations?


I’m wondering what will happen when my usage exceeds the Free plan limitations.

For instance when my logs will exceed the “50GB Logs” limit, what happens? No more logs are ingested? Until when? Older logs are automatically pruned even if they did not reached the 14 days retention?

Same question for most Traces and Metrics limits indeed.

And if I switch to a Pro plan, is there any solution to place a cap on usage, and/or an automatic cleanup rule which would fire to delete old stuff once usage has exceeded a given limit?

Hi @kiwixadmin !

Usage that exceeds the ingestion limits for the Grafana Cloud Free plan will be discarded.

For metrics, this means that any metric samples above 10,000 will be discarded and noted in the Discarded Metric Series panel on the Billing/Usage dashboard located in the GrafanaCloud dashboard folder.

For logs, traces, and profiles, if more than 50GB of ingestion has occurred the new log/trace/profile samples will be discarded for that month. While the Free plans are never billed for any usage, excess or otherwise, the standard billing cycle for paid plans is based on the calendar month.

For k6 usage, if more than 500 Virtual User hours have been utilized then no further performance testing will be available until the next calendar month.

For the paid subscriptions, there are several tools available to reduce costs and help identify highest spend, such as the Adaptive Metrics tool, Cardinality Management dashboards, and Grafana Machine Learning. We also recommend creating billing alerts to notify you about outlier behavior. Our team also monitors for unexpected usage spikes and will notify you as these limits are approached and when they are exceeded.

Note that since usage is based on ingestion and not storage, deleting historic data will not have any impact on your monthly invoice.

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