Grafana OSS to Grafana Enterprise

Dear all,
Is it possible to upgrade OSS version of Grafana to Enterprise version, without losing Dashboards and configuration?

We are installing Grafana OSS, because we don’t need enterprise features. But, for example, what if we decide after a year, that we want some of the enterprise features and purchase enterprise version? Can we upgrade to enterprise or we need to start from scratch?

If we install Enterprise version, which is for free, can we use it indefinitely, even after trial expires? As I said, we dont care about enterprise features now, but we would like to stay open to upgrade to enterprise, in case we need it.

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hi @imihevc welcome!

Yes, you can upgrade from the OSS version of Grafana to the Enterprise version without losing your dashboards and configuration. When you upgrade to the Enterprise version, your existing dashboards and configuration will be preserved.

What exactly is preserved? How do you know this is safe? Take a look at this other answer posted, that describes how to backup and restore a Grafana instance (this isn’t specific to OSS or Enterprise) and it’ll outline the pieces that need to be kept safe in order for you not to lose your config & dashboards.

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