Grafana Enterprise License expired, I want to remove the banner saying license expired on my UI

Hello Team,

My customer was using Grafana enterprise version in his environment & the license expired 2 months ago, Now there is a banner saying "Grafana Enterprise License has expired " on the UI which is quite irritating to my customers & they want me to remove it. any idea how to do it by doing some configurations in grafana.ini .

Your customer was using licensed Grafana Enterprise and now it is still using unlicensed Grafana Enterprise. Solution is easy: renew a license or switch to OSS version.

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You are right, these two are the options i had in mind, Can there be third making some config changes so that the banner gets removed, Or will it require change in code any idea… My last resort would be asking my customers to move to OSS as they wont renew the license .

Your only 2 options are

  1. Pay
  2. Go OSS

Other than that, code change etc, would be breaking the licensing agreement which is not legal

Yes i meant to say code change required so that can be done by Grafana support or not at all possible …so only two options for me

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