Feature Request: pin variables on scroll

There has been a bug fix request on Github since March 2018 that has yet to be addressed:

Dashboard: Fixed template variables in top of windows as you scroll #11166

“When scroll down page to view extra graphs, fixed template variables in top of windows.”

The same issue has been unaddressed on this forum since 2019:

#Lock variable controls on the UI so scrolling the browser doesn’t scroll them off the screen

This issue is that the Variable row of dashboards scrolls off-screen when one scrolls lower in the page to view panels. To change variables, users have to scroll all the way back to the top, change the variable(s) then scroll back down to the panel they were viewing to see the results.
If the variable change did not show the information needed or expected, this scroll-up and scroll-down must be repeated.

This is a poor UI / UX condition and needs fixing . . .since nearly six (6) years.

What will it take for Grafanalabs to address this, please?

@grafanalab400 @grafanalabs Would you please prioritize this fix, and update the community both here and on Dashboard: Fixed template variables in top of windows as you scroll · Issue #11166 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

It is not a bug, but feature request.

Yes,it is will be nice to have, but I would say that more people will see rather different feature requests to be implemented.

You may pay for Grafana license if it’s so important for you. Then you have better access to Grafana team and you can ask to prioritise some bugs/feature requests. I already was involved in some, which were implemented and now are available for OSS/Enteprise Grafana users.

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Until/if that feature is implemented you can take a look at this other plugin