Grafana automatically scrolls down after selecting a variable

Hi everyone,

i got several variables which let me specify a distinct sensor. Problem is that i first of all have to select every variable so i get a good visualisation. The problem is that after some of these variables my panel scrolls down which is kind of annoying.

Is there any way to solve this issue or is this only occuring with a specific type of variable ?


we cannot provide support with so little information. version? what kind of variable? panel? datasource? query? screenshots?

Hi Matt,

sorry. I got Grafana 8.5.2. The datasource i have is a influxdb (flux query). The variables which i created are the following:

1. selecting among my _measurements:
import “influxdata/influxdb/schema”
schema.measurements(bucket: “RealDaten”)
This is a variable with the type “Query”. After selecting one of these, my panel does not scroll down.

2. selecting a threshold-number for values inside my _measurements:
This is a variable with the type “Custom” and after selecting one of these, my panel scrolls down.

what panels are involved?