Dropdown menu in dashboards with "variables" where data are coming from InfluxDB v2.7.5 / InfluxQL

Hi Folks.

I use Grafana version v10.4.0.
I would like to generate a dropdown selection field in a dashboard where I can switch to other dashboards.
I assume that this can be done under Settings → Variables.
The problem is that I probably have a not quite usual configuration and combination of Grafana and an InfluxDB as data source. And that’s why I can’t find a suitable example in the documentation or on the Internet.
This is an example of what a query in Grafana Dashboard looks like for me:

SELECT mean(“Measured_values_house1”)
FROM “Temp_Dining_room”
WHERE $timeFilter
GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(linear)

But what should the query for an entire dashboard look like under Settings → Variables → Query?


Hi @loeffma and welcome to the Grafana forum.

I think (as you have inferred from the online docs) that there are (to my knowledge) no uses of a drop-down variable which will switch you to another dashboard. Variables are used to change a parameter within a query.

I think what you want instead are links on your dashboard which, when clicked, take you to another dashboard. For example, here are 3 HTML links to separate dashboards:

Have considered this approach?

Hello grant2,

yes, that is correct. I would like to have links to other dashboards on the dashboard. And I thought that could be done via “Variables”.

In the example you linked, I can see how to insert a link via “Dashboard list”. That would be a solution.

But somehow this must also work via “Variables”. At least that’s how it works here:
Meteogramm: Messwerte & Vorhersage - Wetter: DWD - Dashboards - Grafana (hiveeyes.org)

It would look a little more elegant this way :wink:

This dashboard is not linking to other dashbosrds when you change drop down value, it is just updating the same dashboard’s panels by using the value of the variable in the queries under each panel

You are absolutely right. Thanks for the tip!

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