Lock variable controls on the UI so scrolling the browser doesn't scroll them off the screen

We use several variables for our dashboards. Our dashboards are typically quite long. I would like to have the variables I’ve defined be locked at the top of the screen - similar to how the Grafana “Tool-bar” (Add Panel, Save dashboard, etc…) controls are locked at the top of the page. It would be make variables lockable as well. I find myself wanting to modify my variables without “Viewing” a specific panel.
Ron Earley


i’m facing the same problem…


I agree this would be a great UI improvement (ideally as an option/setting one could enable?), as we too often have long dashboards, so having the “variable toolbar” stay at the top while scrolling would be very useful.

currently one has to scroll back up to the top, change the variable, then scroll back down and find the graph/panel they were looking at / trying to change the var on.
thanks! (LOVE grafana!)

(the part with red brackets, it would be nice if we could OPTIONALLY, set this to stay at the top when scrolling)

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(cant edit my post, as i think its been too long), here is the github feature request for this same thing (is open currently):