Display metric label as Stat panel value

Hi folks

Working to update an old Grafana dashboard to be compatible with v7. There are a few “singlestat” panels which show a single prometheus label as the value - which is apparently not supported in v7.

This Github ticket is apparently the same problem and is closed as fixed, but I cannot see how to make this work.

The actual metric looks like:

# HELP artifactory_system_license License type and expiry as labels, seconds to expiration as value
# TYPE artifactory_system_license gauge
artifactory_system_license{expires="Dec 31, 2020",licensed_to="ACME Corp",type="enterprise plus"} 2.547315e+07

This old post has a working example of what I want from Grafana v5, but the thread concludes with something slightly different (displaying a label as panel title)