How to show label values with stat panel

Hey everyone,

while migrating our dashboards from singlestat to stat panels I was missing a functionality. We used singlestat panels to show the labels of some metrics, e.g. to see the Go version and build tag. However I am unable to reproduce this with the new stat panels.

Old setup:

  • Metric: node_exporter_build_info
  • Legend: {{version}}
  • Options -> Show: Name

This results in a panel like this:

The question now is: How can I do this with the stat panel? I’ve tried every option so far, but all I get is the actual value of the metric, which is always just ‘1’.

Thanks for the help!

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I’m facing the same issue with the new stat panel. Did anyone figure this out or is this feature no longer available in v7?

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Well, that is disappointing. Guess I’ll open a ticket on GitHub for that functionality.

Ah, just found this while searching on GitHub:

So we’ll get this with Grafana 7.1 I guess.