Can we display Prometheus Labels in SingleStat instead of numerical value


In the Prometheus the common practice is to report some of the textual data as Metric Label, for example Node Exporter reports current kernel version this way:

HELP node_uname_info Labeled system information as provided by the uname system call.

TYPE node_uname_info gauge

node_uname_info{domainname="(none)",machine=“x86_64”,nodename=“rocky”,release=“4.4.0-104-generic”,sysname=“Linux”,version="#127-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 11 12:16:42 UTC 2017"} 1

What I would like is to be able to display in SingleStat panel not the current value (which is always 1, so not interested) but “release” which contains kernel version

Is it possible to do in SingleStat or other panel type ?


I think you want to use the table panel for this.