Extracting part of a label value in a Stat Panel

Hi. I have a Prometheus info metric and I want to display the value of one of its labels in a Stat Panel. However, the value is pretty long and I want only part of it. Is it possible to extract this part by using a regex and show it in the Stat Panel? I tried to do that by using a dashboard variable but I’m not sure how to display the value in the Stat Panel. Thanks!

what grafana version do you use?

I’m using Grafana 7.3.3.

can you show yur info metric?

My metric looks like this:

jvm_info{version=“11.0.8+10-LTS-sapmachine”, runtime=“OpenJDK Runtime Environment”} 1

I want to display in a Stat Panel only 11.0.8. Is this possible to achieve?

you can achieve that using label_replace function