Dimension issue with AWS/FSx

I created a new Dashboard to monitor my AWS/FSx cluster so in variables I would like to give drop and see filesystemId but however it isn’t working for.

Please help me if anyone got into the same issue.

used this query:
dimension_values($region, AWS/FSx, DescribeFileSystems , FileSystemIds)

I would say DescribeFileSystems is not a valid metric name. Use FreeStorageCapacity instead.

Hi @jangaraj thank you for the response.

I have tried the same as you said but it gave me None

dimension_values($region, AWS/FSx, FreeStorageCapacity , FileSystemIds)

Why you don’t use standard approach - read the manual Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch - Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Is there really a dimension with the name FileSystemIds? I would sa no. Correct dimension name is FileSystemId. So what will be correct query to get list of all file system ids?

@jangaraj I checked with FileSystemId as well but no luck it shows None.

Go to AWS console and show graph source, which will show FreeStorageCapacity for some filesystem, pls. How can you prove that you have proper IAM role? Did you follow doc? Can you explore Cloudwatch metrics in the Grafana?

Thank you @jangaraj now it is working as expected.

dimension_values($region, AWS/FSx, FreeDataStorageCapacity , FileSystemId)