AWS DirectConnect matrics are not showing in Grafana

Hi, I am trying to create a dashboard for AWS Direct Connect metrics but it’s not showing one of dimensions of Direct Connect in the panel. Eg: AWS Direct Connect has two dimensions(connectionID and VirtualInterfaceID) and both has to select to get the metric in the panel but currently only conectionID dimension is showing but not the virtualInterfaceID. Thats causing the problem to setup dashboard for AWS Direct Connect . Can someone help to fix if any one has already configured dashboard for DX.

Please create PR - add all supported dimensions here:

Those dimensions in the UI are just suggestions of hardcoded values from the source code. Of course that is not stopping you write your own dimensions = you don’t need to wait until your PR will be merged and released:

Hi, Thank you for your response. However Grafana is already installed on Amazon linux but i am not able to get the mention file in the server. Could you please help me where should i create PR to get the dimension.