How to properly enumerate over disk names?

I’m using Cloudwatch Agent which generates disk metrics with two dimensions: Host (tag:Name) and Name (name of disk).

In Grafana I have a variable host-name_uswest1 which grabs the Name tags from the instances, and I reference this variable in my graph. The following screenshot shows this and uses a hardcoded disk name:

Since there are multiple disks (xvda, xvdf, xvdg) I would like to use a variable for those as well, instead of manually typing each one. So I define a variable as follows:

Name: disk_name_uswest1
Query: dimension_values(us-west-1, CWAgent, diskio_io_time, name)

The preview of values for this variable contains xvda, xvda1, xvdf, xvdg.

However, when I use $disk_name_uswest1 in my graph, it only sees the first value xvda. It does not display any of the other disks:

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a different way I should be approaching this, or is this a bug in Grafana?

try /xvd.*/ this one

I don’t think this will work because Cloudwatch does not accept wildcards for dimensions. But I’ll try it at work today and see.