Develop app plugins in grafana v7.0.1

Hi, I am new to grafana and I am unable to find documentation for developing app plugins. I am currently on v7.0.1. and I have a use case where I have to add custom pages which I think is possible by developing an app plugin.


Hi! It sounds like a good case for an app plugin. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet migrated app plugins to React, so this is currently only possible for legacy plugins using Angular.

Read more on Legacy app plugins.

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Thanks for the information. So I can still be able to write app plugins and panel plugins in Angular in v7.0.1 right?

Yes, they are still supported. Otherwise most of the existing plugins wouldn’t work. We plan to deprecate Angular plugins at some point, but for 7.0 you can still use them.

When it will be available for React?



In the documentation of the latest v7.1, I don’t see any other alternative way mentioned about the development of app plugins except those legacy app plugins. Are you going to completely drop this feature from Grafana at some point?

Legacy plugins are not deprecated, and won’t be dropped for a foreseeable future. You can still build legacy app plugins without being worried. The reason why it’s not yet documented for the React platform is because we haven’t yet migrated Custom Pages to React. It’s coming though!

Thank you for the details. Do you have any timeline in mind for the completion of migration of angular custom pages to react? I have several angularjs app plugins running in production and I like to plan when I should migrate them to react.

Unfortunately, this is currently not on the roadmap at this point so I’m not able to give you an answer at this point.