Angular deprecation update

Initially announced here: We're deprecating Angular-based plugins - #2

Over the past few years, Grafana team has been working hard to migrate our code base from AngularJS 1 to React. We recently introduced our new React-based plugin platform in Grafana 7, which provides users with access to new and exciting features as well as performance improvements.

Throughout the migration process, we have maintained backwards-compatibility with plugins written in AngularJS. However, as we finalize the migration work, we have decided to start the process of deprecating support for Angular plugins.

Despite many of these plugins still being popular within the Grafana community, we will be supporting plugin authors in migrating their plugins to React.

We plan to deprecate Angular plugins in three steps::

  • With the release of Grafana 9, a server configuration option was introduced that controls whether Angular plugin support is available for the entire instance. By default, Angular support is still enabled, but this will change as the migration of all Angular code in the core product is completed.
  • Grafana 10 (Summer 2023) will turn off Angular support by default. Angular-based plugins will no longer function, although they can still be enabled using the aforementioned configuration option.
  • Grafana 11 (Summer 2024) will completely remove support for Angular, and there will be no option to re-enable it.

Read more in our official announcement