We're deprecating Angular-based plugins

For the past few years, the Grafana team has been working on migrating the code base from AngularJS to React. We introduced our new React-based plugin platform in Grafana 7, which gives you access to use new exciting features and performance improvements.

During the process of migrating to React, we’ve kept backwards-compatibility with plugins written in AngularJS. As part of finalizing the migration work, we’ve decided to start the process of deprecating the support for Angular plugins.

Many of these plugins are still loved and used by the Grafana community, and we’ll be supporting the plugin authors in migrating their plugins to React.

We’ll deprecate Angular plugins in two steps:

  • Grafana 9 will have a server configuration option, global for the whole instance, that will control if angular plugin support is available or not. By default angular support is still enabled but this will soon change as we complete the migration of all angular code in the core product.
  • Grafana 10 (Summer 2023) will remove Angular support completely. Angular-based plugins will no longer work.

For more information, refer to Angular support deprecation in the official docs.