React Pages in App Plugin


after digging around, I noticed that an app plugin can provide pages inside the plugin.json under the includes key (this should be documented btw). Those pages appear on the sidebar under /plugins/[PLUGIN_ID]/page/[PAGE_SLUG].

Am I correct that those pages can only be angular components, not react components?

I’ve managed to create a react config page and react pages under /a/[PLUGIN_ID]/, but cannot figure out how those sidebar pages can be created with react.

Thanks in advance


I also have a similar query, I am new to plugin development, so my assumption is - we can build a panel/plugin either using react or angular js?
If I want to customize an existing panel - like say, I want to make a http call and display the results in a table or so, I can use the ajax panel - inside which I can set output templates using - java scripts/ angularJs. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong and is there any other permutations and combinations we can try? Please let me know.

Hi @torsten85,

I also faced the same issue. I still couldn’t find a way to achieve this. Let me know if you have found a work around. I also posted an issue in the github.

Side question, have you managed to use the ExampleRootPage.tsx which is used in the setRootPage()?

I have the same issue with Grafana 6.6.1 : I can’t manage to have a React root page with simple-app-plugin.
However, it looks like react config pages are working…

I thought it was possible to develop app plugin in react, isn’t it ?

I think they have fixed it in the master branch now. I am waiting for a release with this fix so that I can use.