How to use Panels on App Plugin

Hey Folks!

Is there any way to include panels on an App Plugin Page?
It would be awesome if we could include panels from the panel library into Grafana App Plugin, or any other strategy to render panels.

Hi nicolastakashi,

With App plugins you can bundle several plugins inside, what you can do is to scaffold a panel plugin somewhere in a temporal directory, then move the newly created panel plugin src folder inside your app plugin folder and rename it.

Build it and restart grafana, Grafana will pick up the panel plugin as a sub-plugin of the app plugin.

It is important that each sub-plugin has its own plugin.json file.

Hi Esteban!

Thanks for replying to me.

But this implies the creation of a new plugin if I would like to leverage the current panels, such as stat and graph panel, but I just want to render this inside a page from my app plugin, is that possible?

I can see a possible solution using embedded, but I don’t like it too much to be honest.

@nicolastakashi Take a look at the PanelChrome element, which allows rendering panel, but I have not used it personally: Webpack App

We are using predefined Dashboards with Panels instead of Pages as a part of the Application.

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Hi @mikhailvolkov thanks for the answer looks promising.

DO you know any way how to render a Timeseries Panel inside that Chrome Panel?