Can I create multiple panels for an app plugin?

Hi, first of all Grafana is great and really easy to use!

My question is can I create multiple panels within a Grafana app plugin? When I look around the existing samples, it looks like I can only create one datasource and one plugin for an app plugin?

Like the plugin.json I can:

  "includes": [
      "type": "dashboard",
      "name": "Example dashboard 1",
      "path": "dashboards/example-dashboard1.json",
      "role": "Admin",
      "addToNav": false,
      "uid": "Av57mRHVz"
      "type": "datasource",
      "name": "My Datasource",
      "role": "Admin"
      "type": "panel",
      "name": "My panel"

Then I can create dedicated folders named as datasource and panel to place my source code.

@likidu Yes, you can. Just put them in separate folders in src with the plugin.json file.

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Do you have a example ? can i view it ? Many tks.

@thanhthu2 Balena App:

Volkov Labs App:

Great :heart_eyes: So can i create more than one App Plugin?, It’s same example below?

@thanhthu2 Yes, just place them in separate folders inside plugins.

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