Panel plugin as a wrapper around build-in panels

Is there anyway to import / render build-in panel inside panel plugin? Closest thing I have found is rendering Graph component (as shown here and managing everything myself. I would much prefer to build a thin layer of logic on top of existing panel.

This is something we’re hoping to do more of, since the move to ReactJS from Angular, we’ve started to extract components to enable re-use. We’re still working on making more built-in components available.

Because I’m curious: Which built-in panel would you want to use, if you could?

I am currently rendering Graph component that is showcased in your Storybook collection (+1 on that btw). Its not 1to1 UI customization wise compared to Graph panel included in Grafana by default, but it has to suffice for now. Have to write data transformation myself. Ideally I would like my panel plugin to act as a sort of layer before control gets passed to in-build Graph plugin - so that I can either modify its props or do some other side effect in response to specific data.