Is it possible to extend built-in grafana panels inside custom plugin?

I would like to create my own custom plugin panel that will extend basic Time-series or Bar graph panels. Simply what I need to do is to show for example Time-series panel and next to it have some buttons or other react code. Is it possible?
I am familiar with plugin development in Grafana but never have I seen custom plugins using built-in panels.

@adamhowaniec You can’t have nested plugins, unless you are using Scenes.

You can create a new plugin using various time-series components, but not the panel itself.

When we had similar requirements we decoupled time series panel from the core Grafana and updated it for our needs creating a custom plugin:

If you need basic Time Series or Bar graphs functionality check out the Apache ECharts panel, it allows to add elements directly on DOM and write JS code with events:

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