App Plugins legacy only?

What is the state of Application plugins the documentation seems to imply they are legacy only as there is only information to create them as a legacy plugin?

Hi @bickerx2, and welcome to the community forums!

Since 7.0, most of Grafana has been rewritten to use React instead of Angular. App plugins has taken a little longer to migrate than other plugin types, but we’re almost there!

In the coming months, we’ll be publishing more docs on how to write modern app plugins. In the meantime, check out these resources:

  • simple-app-plugin is an app plugin using the new React-based platform
  • Build an app plugin is the draft for a new tutorial that we’ll be publishing once we’re happy with it. It’s still work-in-progress, and is unfortunately missing a few parts, but you might find some answers in there.

I suspected that may be the case but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for confirming