Dashboard GUI and json-File not synchronised

Hi all
I have difficulties changing dashboards. When I do a series of changes, the gui and the json-file with the dashboard definition are no longer in synch. This happens especially when I change several field overrides or dashboard variables. Changing variable names or switching form variable type query to constant or custom seems to be a problem. There remain e.g. query results as selected values instead of the new constant value. I have this problems with the timeseries panel as I use mainly this panel.
It is also difficult to solve such problems, as there is as far I know still no reference documentation for the json-format of dashboards.

Did other users encounter this problems too? Are there any workaround or solutions?

I use grafana 11.0.0 with InfluxDB version 1 and InfluxQL

Grafana doesn’t use json files to store dashboards, so please explain your use case and what is “json-File” in your case.

As far as I know, all dashboards have a json ‘file’ with the dashboard definition. The json maybe a file on a disk or it may be stored in a database. On a dashboard go to ‘share → export → View JSON’ or select ‘Save to file’ instead of ‘View JSON’.
Do you see another format that grafana uses to store dashboards?

It’s dashboard json model, it’s not a file. Of course you can save it as a file on your disk, but then that file is out of Grafana control.

Usually, you shouldn’t use or edit dashboard json model manually. That will be very advance task.

Could you provide reproducible steps how to reproduce your problem, pls?

I already did some tests but did not find a small, reproducable example. It has to do with changing variables, variable types from query to constant or custom and renaming and deleting variables. It than may be that you have a ‘constant’ variable with a defined value but you see an old value of a query variable. In the json, there is still part of the old definition with a ‘selected’ tag and an old value which has nothing to do with the new constant value.
When I find a short example, I will post it.