CSV export using UTC

I’m quite new to Grafana and I run into a problem.
I have a db with UTC timestamped data which is shown fine.
But when I export a graph as CSV, the timestamps are converted to local time.
What am I doing wrong?

You have to select timezone in dashboard settings to utc I think.

Dashboard settings are already UTC…

What Grafana version?

Grafana Version 5.1.2

I see now that there’s an open issue for that here.


@mvhooft FYI in case my last comment on that issue report makes you wonder where things stand: I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to incorporate Torkel’s (very apt) comments on my initial patch, so it didn’t get pulled in in the end, and the issue is now unfortunately sitting stale.

We’ll consider re-open the PR if you submit changes. Torkel wrote that before closing it. If you would like some feedback/help please write in PR and I will try to help you.

We’re trying to minimize open issues/PRs without any activity, but always consider re-opening if there’s changes coming in.